B-Web (Internet Banking)

The B-web Internet Banking software package has proved to be a success at BOA and other banks in many locations in Belgium France and Africa. For more than four years, BOA has been investing in B-web and it has been a clear favorite with individual and corporate customers since inception.


  • Very convenient,  provides our customers with a simple, secure and efficient answer to managing their accounts, funds and make international transfers
  • This is one of the best internet and electronic banking systems available in Kenya and in Africa. The server is hosted in Belgium
  • Security, The message is  confidential and cannot be altered by a third party


  • This module allows you to consult and print your account statements
  • You can archive them so as to retain a full history of your statements
  • Can export account statements in file form so as to include them in your accounting software and thus make reconciliation work easier
  • Most B-web files are  compatible with various accounting software
  • Your B-web orders are processed automatically on a priority basis by BOA, thereby reducing the processing time
  • To facilitate the encoding of your payments, B-web enables you to save the information of your most frequently used beneficiaries
  • B-mail enables you to exchange secure e-mails with BOA and also have attachments to your messages
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