Agence Elite

Agence Elite is a premium banking service that offers an exclusive way of banking, designed to give more quality in service delivery, convenient timing, private banking lobby and space at competitive pricing, to enable clients make the most of their money and time.

Target Market:

  • High net worth individuals/customers/non – customers who can pay the monthly fee of Kshs. 1,500
  • Customers profiled and invited by Relationship Managers (RMs)
  • Signatories of key relationships


  • A Current Account with first cheque book free of charge.
  • Monthly overdraft facility*.
  • Opening balance- net salary of Kshs. 200,000 or monthly turnover of Kshs. 200,000.
  • Minimum operating balance of Kshs. 20,000 locked in.
  • Monthly operational fee of Kshs. 1,500.
  • Minimum interest earning balance of Kshs. 250,000.
  • No ledger fee.
  • Free membership card.
  • Access to B-Web.
  • Free ATM card
  • Exclusive banking hall.
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