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Target Market:

The account targets SMEs that use Mpesa tills and paybill numbers to receive all their payments from both banked and unbanked payers.


  • A current account
  • Mpesa till number will be mapped to the current account
  • SME & Corporate to sign up Salary/Supplier payments
  • Payments received through Mpesa tills will be sent to the account at no additional cost.
  • Real-Time settlement of Lipa na Mpesa proceeds to your BOA account offering operational efficiency on reconciliations
  • Free e-receipts for debits and credits to the account.
  • Acquisition of Till number provided FREE within 24 hrs for new applicants.

Account Opening requirements:

  • Standard BOAK KYC documents
  • Duly filled MPESA Till form as additional compulsory requirement.

Tariff (Key)

  • Monthly Flat Fee – Nil
  • Cash handling fees – Nil
  • Opening Balance Ksh 5,000
  • Cash withdrawal over the counter – Ksh 100
  • Ledger fee per transaction Kes 35.00 with an exempt Mpesa tills transactions
  • All other transactions will be charged as per the tariff.

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